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We offer expert solutions for all things payroll in the state of Colorado – comprehensive payroll, tax management, HR tools, and track benefits and insurance.
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Payroll City offers scalable, cloud-based software solutions, as well as custom and semi-custom options for specific industries.









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Combining simple and intuitive best-in-class payroll technology and unsurpassed customer service, we offer simple solutions to complex payroll challenges.

Don’t let changes to Colorado law that impact your payroll calculations derail the growth and profitability of your business! The experts at Payroll City will save you time, money, aggravation and potential legal hassles, leaving you free to focus on the business…of YOUR business.

We are fully versed in withholding for the new Colorado Family Medical Leave Act as well as for the Affordable Care Act and other government withholding programs.

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  • Cloud Based Software
  • Advanced Payroll Reports
  • Full Tax Administration
  • Easy Quickbooks Administration
  • Easy Access Employee Portal
  • Document Management Center
  • Integrated Time Clock
  • Pay-As-You-Go Workers Comp Integration
  • ACA Management Center
  • And More!
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