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Payroll City Launches Software to Save Restaurant Operators Time on Payroll
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/
Payroll City, a full-service, comprehensive payroll processing company, has launched The Payroll City Point of Sale (POS) Interface Module, software designed for restaurants that transmits timekeeping and accounting data directly to its payroll service. This program, installed independently from each business' timekeeping system, fully integrates with all functions of existing software, offering a one-click option for owners and managers to submit accurate and up-to-date payroll.
"Payroll City strives to provide the most streamlined and reliable payroll processing software. The POS Interface Module now makes it easier for restaurants to process payroll with one-click," explained Kathleen Fox, owner of Payroll City. "This software integrates with many restaurant POS systems such as Aloha and Micros, enabling full use of features and functionality that are often left behind when sent to third-party processors. In effect, the program increases the value of the restaurant's existing POS technology and saves restaurant operators extensive time on payroll processing."
With virtually no set-up, the Payroll City Interface Module automatically gathers all of the pertinent information that is stored in each client's timekeeping system, encrypts it for security and submits the data to Payroll City for processing. Payroll City also includes enhancements and settings personalized to each restaurant, supplying additional functionality. Since the module is a standalone interface, it remains unaffected by software upgrades and can be installed and running in a matter of seconds.
"The restaurant industry can now have full control of their payroll through the use of their current system, while allowing them to reduce costs and time from previously lengthy payroll preparation," added Fox. "After installation, any changes made in their existing system are automatically updated within payroll, resulting in fewer mistakes and more accurate results."
The Payroll City Interface Module is compatible with many systems including Aloha, Micros, Revention, Aldelo, Digital Dining and more. It is available as an add-on for existing and new customers of Payroll City.
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